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Pure Leverage Review is a site devoted to the complete review of Pure Leverage and gets you all the answers to your questions about this company and tools.  Trust me – you don’t want to make a mistake with your decision on this company!  And that’s what Pure Leverage Review is all about.  Getting you the information that you need and now!

We all get so many opportunities thrown at us every day.  Well at least I do.  But this particular company almost slipped past me.  I glanced at it and just saw some copy cat attributes and went about my business.

Pure Leverage Review Money ManBut then I saw my mentor had gotten into it – but not in his normal grand fashion.  He did it quietly and to tell you the truth – that got my attention really fast.  You see my mentor makes a huge income – I mean HUGE!  And he has the Midas touch when it comes to picking companies that he works with.

So when he gets into something he always builds a “Niche” site for that new venture.  So maybe that’s what he is doing right now – LOL – just like I am doing as I write this page for Pure Leverage Review.  But anyway he caught my attention so I came back and took a better look.  Geez Louise – I am so glad that I did!

And now as you read this page about Pure Leverage Review – take your time and let me explain what is so incredible about this company.  Trust me – you do not want to make a hasty decision on this company!

Pure Leverage Review Reveals The Reason Why Pure Leverage Is Experiencing Explosive Growth

We created Pure Leverage Review especially for people just like you.  You saw something about the company and now there are two things that you need to do.

  1. You need more info on Pure Leverage – and that’s what we intend to do here at Pure Leverage Review.  Get you the answers that you need – and the one’s that really count.
  2. And the second thing that you need to do is figure out what team you want to join.  You do not want to join some newbie with no experience.  You want to join a team that can help you and coach you – so you can build a huge business!  And again – Pure Leverage Review is here to help you with these decisions!

Pure Leverage Review Duplication Revealed

Well the first piece of critical information that Pure Leverage Review has to get you to understand is why Pure Leverage is growing at an incredible rate of speed.

You see – the company and it’s product lines are all about automation.  And automating our online marketing business – or any business for that matter – is how you can make huge profits.  And fast profits too!

BUT – it allows us to duplicate our efforts and our profit potential very quickly too.  You see the beauty of affiliate marketing or even Network Marketing is that we can leverage our income off of our team mates.  And if we can find something so easy – and so automated – that ANYONE can do it – it will explode right before our eyes!

So while you are here at Pure Leverage Review – the first thing that we want you to learn about Pure Leverage is this.  The products and the people behind Pure Leverage – have done it all for you!  It’s all set up and ready to go!  And – it’s so duplicate-able that anyone can do this and succeed.  So you won’t just be able to build a successful business – your whole team can build a successful business!

So Let Pure Leverage Review First Show You The Products – And Then We Will Show You The Good Stuff!

The first product in the Pure Leverage product line is their Auto Responder.  And guess what?  Every single online marketer, Network Marketer, MLM’er and even many brick and mortar businesses need this product.  Now here at Pure Leverage Review – and heck any one who has any experience in online marketing knows that there are three things that you MUST HAVE in order to be successful.  And the Auto Responder is #1 on that list!

Lead Capture Auto Responder System – Easy Lead Flow

Pure Leverage Review and the Easy Lead FlowIt’s a must have!  In fact you can’t even begin to think about an online marketing business or any business that has to keep track of leads, prospects, sales and especially something that requires team building – unless you have an auto responder.

So we need it!  Everyone needs it!  It’s a no brainer!

Well Pure Leverage not only provides an easy to use Auto Responder – it’s also pre-made.  And it is totally integrated with a ton of pre-made capture pages AND – comes with pre-made emails – all set up and waiting for that first lead to enter their email address.

Pure Leverage Review - Auto ResponderHere at Pure Leverage Review – we just love this part!  You see when a prospective customer or member enters their email address – they are entered into a “Lead” list.  Then they start getting pre-made emails encouraging them to become a “Customer”.  Then when they become a “Customer” the auto responder automatically switches them to a new list called the “Reseller” list.  And again they start getting emails – pre-made emails – encouraging them to become a reseller.

When they become a “Reseller” then they are automatically switched to another list called the “VIP” list.  And they then start receiving pre-made emails encouraging them to become a “VIP” member.  So what we love about that here at Pure Leverage Review – is that it is all automatic.  DONE FOR YOU!  And that means your team – if you decide to build a business with us – can do this.  They really can do it!

Because it is all pre-made and works like a clock!  Now this is just the first product that we are talking about here at Pure Leverage Review.  And check this out.  The entire price of “all the products” from Pure Leverage – the “complete package” – is cheaper than your typical auto responder.  In fact – the most popular auto responder with a puny little list capacity is dwarfed in value next to Pure Leverage.  So let’s see what we get with the Pure Leverage Lead Capture Auto Responder System.

Pure Leverage Review Provides You With The List Of Benefits For The Pure Leverage Lead Capture Auto Responder

Pure Leverage Review - Auto Responder Benefits List

 Pure Leverage Review Wants You To Mark This Spot On The Page!

I am serious too!  Pure leverage Review is dedicated to giving you the answers that you need.  EVEN if you did not ask the question.  So in the beginning of Pure Leverage Review we stated that there was a reason why Pure Leverage was experiencing explosive growth.

Well mark this spot – on this page – right here on Pure Leverage Review!

Pure Leverage Review - BonusYou see when you look at the cost of Pure Leverage for all of their products – that can be covered just by the auto responder.  All by itself!  So now – from here on in on Pure Leverage Review – as we show you the rest of the products and benefits – THEY ARE ALL FREE!

Well they come as a package – but the cost of being part of Pure Leverage – that’s already covered by the auto responder.  So from here on in – it’s all a bonus!

Because if you understand successful online marketing or sales in general – successful people and successful companies always OVER DELIVER!  And that’s what we here at Pure Leverage Review want you to understand about Pure Leverage.  They are all about over delivering to their customers – hence – explosive growth.

It’s a No Brainer!

Pure Leverage Review Shows You More Pure Leverage Products – Except Now They are All Bonuses.  Next Up – Video Email Service!

Pure Leverage Review - Video EmailHere at Pure Leverage Review – we love this product!  You see doing things that are above and beyond for your customers, clients and especially your team – it creates huge returns!

And let me ask you this.  Have you ever written an email – and then had someone come back and think that you were mad or something?

You see emails are horrible for being able to convey emotions – and almost all the times – it goes a lot different in reality than the way you played it out in your head – LOL!  So enter in Video Email!

Now do you see why Pure Leverage Review loves this product?  You can do a quick video and hit send.  And then everyone on your list gets it – opens it and pushes play!  And your emotions are crystal clear!  Awesome!

Pure Leverage Review Lists The Benefits of The Video Email Service

Pure Leverage Review - Video Email Benefits List

 bonus-burstWow huh?  The Video Email is such a cool tool!  And now you can see why we love this tool at Pure Leverage Review!

But once again I just want to remember that spot on the page about how the auto responder all by it’s self was such a great value when we consider the total cost of the Tool Suite from Pure Leverage.

So Pure Leverage Review just wants to remind you that the Video Email is also like getting a FREE Bonus from Pure Leverage!

And it is a really cool bonus too!

Pure Leverage Review Shows You The Pure Leverage Authority Blog And Explains What An Authority Blog Is

Now you are here at A Pure Leverage Review.net and reading a page called Pure Leverage Review – and yes – this is just one of our blogs.  I think this site is #23 – and don’t laugh – it get’s hard after a while keeping track of how many we have.  And on top of that – we have free blogs, network blogs and self hosted blogs.

Pure Leverage Review - Different Types Of BlogsAnd if that wasn’t enough – we are also members of some press release sites and forums where we also blog on occasion.  So you may be asking yourself – why so many – and why so many different types of blogs?

Well first of all each one has it’s own special purpose.  Like this blog – Pure Leverage Review.  It is called a “Niche” blog in that it’s only purpose is to give our readers useful information on one company called Pure Leverage.  And much of the traffic it gets will be organic – which means people will be looking for information about Pure Leverage or a review of that company – so they will type into Google – Pure Leverage Review.

So many people will find this blog because we put it right “where they will be looking”.

BUT – we will also drive traffic to it!  And that’s where the other types of blog’s come into play.  ESPECIALLY Authority Blogs!

You see an authority blog is very, very powerful!  It is also called a network blog.  And most people have no idea how powerful they can be if they are built right.  But how it works is that a lot of bloggers blog on a common domain name.  And right now as I write this page on Pure Leverage Review – there are about 55,000 members in Pure Leverage.

Pure Leverage Review - Bloggers In a Network BlogSo if each one of us wrote a blog post today – we would generate 55,000 blog posts in ONE DAY.  See?  That is huge power and the search engines love blogs – especially Network or Authority Blogs.  Because they generate so much content – every day – day after day!

But everyone just does a little bit of work – and yet everyone reaps huge rewards from a traffic rank on the common domain.  And – a traffic rank that they could never ever achieve on their own – even if they blogged every day for the rest of their life!

Now listen up – here is something that can help you make lot’s of money online – from this day forward.  And of course – you heard it right here at Pure leverage Review!

With an authority blog – you can get on a search engine results page – so much easier than with any free blog or self hosted blog of your own.  SO – we use authority blogs to easily get on a search engine result page – capture lot’s of traffic – and then send them to our other blogs!

Now maybe I lost you – or may be you got that.  But here at Pure Leverage Review we will have some pages dedicated to teaching you exactly how to do that.  AND – if you join my Pure Leverage team – I will personally train you – and show you how to do that with your own blogs!  So relax if some of this went over your head.

Pure Leverage Review Breaks Down The Pure Leverage Authority Blog – This Is Critical To The Online Marketer!

Pure Leverage Review - Authority BlogNow if you remember up towards the top of this page on Pure Leverage Review – I mentioned that there are 3 things that you must have – if you want to make money on line.

The first thing was the auto responder.  Well the second thing that we here at Pure Leverage Review believe that you must have is a hosting account.  And the third thing is a self hosted website or blog.

Most pro’s will tell you the same thing too.  And a freebie Word Press Blog or a Blogger Blog is not a self hosted blog.  You have to have control over it and own the content.  AND – you must be the decision maker on how you will make money with it too.

Now I understand some folks are just getting started.  So trying to do too much with a small amount of funds spells disaster.  Well that’s okay – because you found Pure Leverage – and Pure Leverage Review!

You see with an Authority Blog of your own – you make the decisions about what you do with it and you keep your profits.  AND – you can get on search engine results pages like you could only dream about when you try on your own.  So check out these benefits of the Pure Leverage Authority Blog!

So maybe an Authority Blog would be my 4th requirement for an online marketer.  But then again – if you are just starting out – well it can move right up to #2 on the lists of must have’s – right a long with the auto responder!

 Pure Leverage Review Shows The Benefits Of The Pure Leverage Authority Blog

Pure Leverage Review - Authority Blog Benefits

 Wow – lot’s of benefits come with this product huh?  And I will repeat something that I have already mentioned.  The majority of people who get into online marketing have no clue as to how important an authority blog is – and what it can do for us.  It is powerful stuff!

Just a Few More Things About The Pure Leverage Authority Blog From A Pure Leverage Review

Now one thing that I have to say before we move on is – LOL – yeah you knew this was coming didn’t you?

Pure Leverage Review bonus-burstYup – seeing that the entire cost of Pure Leverage can be covered – and then some – by the auto responder – well that means the Authority Blog is just another Bonus!!!

Now you see you may be getting bored with me pointing this out but check this out.  You see – part of this whole Pure Leverage Review is to show you why Pure Leverage is exploding in growth.  I mean seriously – 55,000 members in about 60 days?  That’s sick!

So check this out.  There is a very popular company out there – and maybe you heard of them.  Anyway their name is Empower Network.  And they have about 100,000 members over the course of about a year and a half or two years.  And that is with a blogging product – something similar to this blog – except theirs is ugly.

BUT – with Pure Leverage – it’s just another Bonus!  You know – over deliver to our members – and spoil us rotten!  But with Empower Network – it is their product line – well besides some training stuff.

Pure Leverage Review and Pure Leverage Explosive GrowthSee?  Do you see why this company – Pure Leverage is exploding in growth?  Heck Pure Leverage Review wants you to get this!

If Pure Leverage has 55,000 people in about 60 days – and each one of those people signed up just one more member – well then Pure Leverage would blow past one of the most heard about companies.

And – in less than 90 days?

Now if I was reading Pure Leverage Review instead of writing it – I would zip down to the bottom of this page and sign up for the $1.00 risk free trial and get to watching the training videos.  Because this train has left the station.  And if I were you – I would be wondering about who those 100,000 Empower Network folks are going to sign up under with Pure Leverage!


LOL – I was just checking to make sure that you were awake.  Okay – let’s move on because Pure Leverage Review has more Pure Leverage Products to show you.  Oh yeah and then the fun stuff too!

Pure Leverage Review Shows You Turbo Traffic Generation

At Pure Leverage Review – we understand traffic.  And let’s face it – it’s all about traffic when you are into online marketing.  Now if your primary business is a Network Marketing Company or an MLM – you need a lot of leads and prospects in order to find those gems that will make your team successful.

Pure Leverage Review and TrafficAnd that’s the key – getting a lot of traffic – but more importantly it’s about getting the right kind of traffic.  So with Pure Leverage Review we truly love getting organic traffic – and the kind of traffic that is already interested in the content that we are providing.

But if you are just starting out you may be at a very distinct disadvantage because you may not know where to get good traffic.  And not tire kickers – I mean people who want what you have.

Well Pure Leverage gives you their resources – and we are talking about those very resources that have made them millions of dollars already.

Now Pure Leverage Review loves that!  There is nothing better than working with successful people who are transparent and share their tools that made them successful.  So here are a few things that Pure Leverage Review would like to show you about Turbo Traffic Generation from Pure Leverage.

Pure Leverage Review Turbo Traffic Generation Benefits

Now at Pure Leverage Review – we know that success for beginners and folks trying to break into the online marketing arena – well it can be elusive.  So they need all the breaks that they can get.  And Pure Leverage is awesome in sharing these traffic getting resources.  Heck everything is done for us – we just add traffic.  And poof – success!

bonus-burstOh and let’s not forget that marker on this Pure Leverage Review page that we keep mentioning – because the Turbo Traffic Generation is one more of these Bonuses!

See what we are talking about here at Pure Leverage Review – it’s a true no brainer!  Everything is done for us and automated – and Pure Leverage just keeps spoiling us rotten with their Over Delivering of product after product.  It is crazy when you start adding up the potential cost of each of these products – and then see what we pay to get them all.  LOL!

But wait – Pure Leverage Review has more to come – so let’s get back to work here!

Pure Leverage Review Shows You The Pure Leverage Live Meeting Room

Pure Leverage Review knows the power of a live conference or online meeting room.  In fact – it is so incredibly convenient when you deal globally with clients, prospects or team mates.

And – this is exactly what got me when I first looked at Pure Leverage.  You see my mentor had trouble with his email account – but I was just getting ready to upgrade my Go To Meeting application – which only seated 25 attendees – up to Go To Webinar which would seat 100 attendees.

Pure Leverage Review and Live Meeting RoomBut when I looked at what came with Pure Leverage – and that I would save so much money  just by switching and getting this Live Meeting Room.  So – a no brainer for me!

In fact – Go To Meeting cost me $49.00 for 25 attendees and if I upgraded to Go To Webinar – and get 100 people – it would be almost $100.00.

And with Pure Leverage it was like getting the same thing for FREE!

See what I mean?  This is why we just had to make Pure Leverage Review.  This is so important for online marketers, Network Marketers and MLM’ers – heck even brick and mortar businesses.  We all need these tools!

So lets see what we get – and let Pure Leverage Review lead the way and show you some of the benefits of the Live Meeting Room!

Pure Leverage Review Live Meeting Room Benefits

 Well now you know why this was a no brainer for me.  And that’s why it was so important for us to share it on Pure Leverage Review.

bonus-burstAnd – yes – here we go again talking about another bonus!  Well what can I say?  Some folks look at Pure Leverage and can’t figure out why it is exploding.

They see some of the biggest names in online marketing, Network Marketing and MLM – jumping into Pure Leverage.  And you can see the results with the membership skyrocketing.

So here at Pure Leverage Review – we will do our darnedest to show you exactly why this is such an awesome opportunity.

But we are not done yet either.  Yes there is more so let’s get to it and show you right here on Pure Leverage Review – what else Pure Leverage gives to it’s members!

Pure Leverage Review Shows you More – Shows You The “Elite Coaching Program”

Pure Leverage Review QuestionsNow Pure Leverage Review understands that new online marketers – will have tons of questions.  Heck all of us have to start some where.  But for me personally – well I am incredibly blessed to have met my mentor.

And I’ll tell you flat out – getting the proper education – training and mentoring is priceless!

So Pure Leverage recognizes that too and includes an Elite Coaching Program for all of their members.

Now Pure Leverage Review wants you to know that this may appear as the very least of the Pure Leverage Products – but don’t be too hasty and pre-judge this one.  So let’s look at the benefits and see what we can expect from this coaching program.

Pure Leverage Review & The Elite Coaching Program

 Pure Leverage Review - Bonus

Let me tell you something – having a Multi Millionaire mentor me has rocked my world.  And trust me there have been things that he suggested that I didn’t agree with, but who am I to question him.

And when you join Pure Leverage – that’s what you are going to get – and again – as a Bonus!

In fact – if you were to join Pure Leverage by joining our team – well then you will get a double bonus.  You see you will learn everything that Pure Leverage teaches you – AND you will learn everything that I have learned from my mentor too!

WOW!  Finding us here at Pure Leverage Review may be the best thing that ever happened to you.  You have learned a lot about an incredible company – that just over delivers on every single product that they offer.  AND they are just beginning too!

Pure Leverage Review & Cash From ComputerSo when you join you get Bonus after Bonus – just a huge amount of value – for penny’s on the dollar!

And you will learn from some very wealthy people – how you can build your own  successful online marketing business – or to grow your primary business to be huge success!

And with all of the automated tools in the Pure Leverage Suite of Tools – you will make more money online than you ever dreamed of.  And that’s what we love the most here at Pure Leverage Review – a fully automated income stream!

Pure Leverage Review Loves The Pure leverage Products – BUT There Is A Business Opportunity Too – And An Incredible One At That!

Pure Leverage Review & Timing Is Everything

Now this is the fun part!  Now that you have gotten a glimpse of what the products are all about with Pure Leverage – now you know that there is a huge amount of value in the products and what this company has to offer.

And Pure Leverage Review has shown you why this company is experiencing a huge growth period – with very big names jumping in left and right.  Well – what can we say – the timing is right!  It’s just like we said before – it’s a No Brainer!  Fantastic products – and now – a fantastic business opportunity for you and me!

You see if you have ever tried to build a Network Marketing Business, an MLM or one of those home party deals – and you could never make the money that you thought you would – well take a look right now at Pure Leverage!

Pure Leverage Review Wants You To Ask Yourself The Question – “Why Couldn’t I Make Money With A Home Based Business Before”?

Pure Leverage Review wants you to ask yourself that question and then think about this.

Was your business really easy to do?  Was it really easy for OTHER people to do what you were doing?  Was it all DONE FOR YOU?  Was it designed to be automated?  And did you have to jump through hoops to get qualified or paid each month?

Pure Leverage Review Asks The QuestionYou see almost all of those Network Marketing, MLM’s and Home Party businesses make it hard to actually get a check.  And almost all the people fail!  Sometimes more than 95% of them fail.

So why is that?  And do you want to break the cycle of trying and trying – and failing and failing?

Well Pure Leverage is the answer that you are looking for.  The missing piece to the puzzle!

The products are not just awesome – everyone really needs them.

THAT MEANS that they will pay for them every month – because they need them for their business!  So that means when you join Pure Leverage – your income will be steady – every month.  Because your customers really NEED the products.

AND they are priced ridiculously cheap – like buying one and getting all of the rest for FREE.  And then – you can use the very same products to build a new – AUTOMATED income for your self.  And everything is all DONE FOR YOU!  It’s all pre-made for you and in place and ready to go!

Pure Leverage Review Exposes The Compensation Plan That You Have been Waiting For!

Pure Leverage Review - Cash

You see if the other businesses that you tried before were built to be difficult – so that only a small percentage of people actually made money – wouldn’t you actually make money if it was built to be easy?

The Pure Leverage Compensation plan is made to pay affiliates to spread the word.  And affiliate marketing is becoming the best way to earn a living online.

Plain and simple – you use the tool suite for your business – and you share how much you like them with other online marketers or MLM’ers.  And when they buy the product suite – you get paid.  It’s simple!  And it’s simple because the company knows that they will get more customers if everyone is happy to share these products with others.

So the Pure Leverage Compensation Plan is really easy.  You get paid 100% commission on the sales for the first month – and then 50% after that.  Now you may say – hey wait a minute – some companies pay 100% commissions all the time.

And that’s true – but they only pay you on the people you directly refer to the company!  BUT Pure Leverage pays you on a whole lot more people – so the 50% means that you can make a huge amount of money!

Well The Pure Leverage Review Wants You To See Pure Leverage – Totally Risk FREE!

Sometimes watching a video makes things so much easier to understand.  So Pure Leverage Review is going to give you a link to see a video and learn more about Joel  – the founder of Pure Leverage.  And also to SEE the compensation plan in action!

Pure Leverage Review & The Guaranteed-seal

AND – now that you understand why this company is exploding – you could actually get inside and see behind the curtain.  And all risk FREE too!

You can join our team after watching the video for just $1.00!  Then you can kick the tires and check out all the tools.

BUT you also get access to all of the training videos – and even Joel’s “A to Z Millions Series” – a special series normally available for $97.00 – but by us getting you behind the curtain for $1.00 – you get to check it out for the next 7 days.

And I am sure that you will probably want to become a reseller and a member when your 7 days are up – but even then it is still risk FREE for another 30 days!

So there is absolutely NO RISK!

Join Us Here At Pure Leverage Review – AND Join Our Team Today!

Don’t forget to come on back to Pure Leverage Review and see more pages about Pure Leverage – and – come join our team today!  How can you beat RISK FREE?

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